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Our Response to COVID-19



Despite the serious threat of COVID-19, support from donors and the community has allowed the farm to continue operating during these challenging times. It is during times like these that we remember the importance of our community and how growing food is an act of resiliency. We thank you deeply for your support of Transplanting Traditions farmers.

As we enter the 2023 season and continue selling our produce through our CSA and at local farmers markets, we want to reassure you that Transplanting Traditions is doing everything possible to maintain the health and safety of the farmers, our customers, and our community at large. Though we have limited capacity, we are doing our best to respond quickly and effectively to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

We have a preparedness plan in place and are taking steps on a daily basis to ensure that we can continue to provide safe, fresh produce to our CSA members and the local community. It is important to note that according to the FDA and the CDC there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through food or food surfaces. Read this insightful article for further discussion of the unlikelihood of food as a vector. Our highest priority is the safety of our customers and farmers.

Key Steps TTCF Staff and Farmers are taking:


Please read our COVID-19 CSA and Farmers Market Policies and Procedures for a more detailed outline of our protocol pertaining to our CSA production and farmers market sales.

We wish our customers and everyone in our surrounding community good health and peace during these uncertain times.

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