Cherry Tomatoes

Photo credit: Thadah Wah

At TTCF, farmers grow several varieties of cherry tomatoes in their unheated hoop houses. Sungolds are the earliest variety and are the harbingers of summer. They are arguably the sweetest and most beloved variety the farmers grow. Other cherry tomato varieties grown at TTCF include the dark pink Sun Peach tomatoes and the sweet yellow Esterina tomatoes along with the slightly larger, striped Sunrise Bumblebee and Pink Bumblebee tomatoes. 

STORAGE: Tomatoes of all kinds hold their flavors best when stored on the counter at room temperature. If you (like most of us) want tomatoes year-round, they're also great canned or blanched and frozen. 

Summer Pasta with Corn and Cherry Tomatoes

(Adapted from Anne Burrell of the Food Network)



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