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This would be a great week for a taco night with crispy radishes or turnips and fresh cilantro. Don't like eating cilantro straight up in your tacos or atop a coconut curry with rice? Try making a sauce: chimichurrizhoug, or Mexican Green Goddess. These sauces will easily use your whole bunch of cilantro and will keep in a jar in your fridge to use with meals throughout the week. Make an herb butter to freeze and use as seasoning throughout the winter. Or simply pick the leaves off the stems (of either herb) and give them a rough chop before tossing with roasted vegetables or grain salads

STORAGE: Store cilantro, like a bouquet, in a jar of water in the fridge, with a loose bag over the top. 

Recipe from the farm:
Zhug (Middle Eastern spicy cilantro sauce)

Makes about 1 cup 
Adapted from Ottonlenghi's "Jerusalem"

This sauce is believed to have health benefits for the immune system and stomach. Feel free to be flexible with the amount of herbs and chiles in this recipe. If you love parsley but not cilantro, use less cilantro and vice versa. Or just use cilantro, if you don't have parsley. If you don't love spice, then use less chile.

I love this sauce on the spicy side with pretty much anything from grilled meats to eggs to roasted cauliflower to a dollop in a brothy soup. Or just put it on toast with some feta. 



Place all the ingredients in a food processor. Blitz in a few pulses to get a coarse paste. Make sure not to over mix (you want it to stay coarse). Store it in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

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