Friday Downton Durham CSA Pick-Up

(Ninth Street Bakery)


Here are the details for your pick-up location:

Downtown Durham

Ninth Street Bakery, 136 E. Chapel Hill Street, Durham, NC 

Fridays 4-6pm


A few reminders about our pick-up guidelines:

If running late: 

Text or call Maddie, the volunteer to let her know you're on your way (phone number was provided in your Downtown Durham CSA email at the beginning of the season). Please share this information with housemates, spouses, & friends who will be picking up.    

Heads up: 

Every member gets 2 late pick-ups each season. Late pick-ups will be left in a labeled bag near the green entrance. Please note this is a public location and staff will not be on site after 6pm---so unfortunately we can't promise that your bag won't be taken by a passerby. 


For 2021 Friday Pick-up Dates see our 2021 Full Season CSA Calendar.


If you have further questions, please email Betsy:


Updated 6/15/21.


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