Credit: Tha Dah

DESCRIPTION: Much like it's cousin, green garlic, it is simply an onion that we pick before it reaches full maturity. If a scallion is a baby and a dried onion is an adult, you could think of it as a teenaged onion! I love spring onions for their mild sweetness and juicy crunch. I also love that you can eat the whole plant---the green tops are full of flavor and make a great addition to any soup you make and some folks like to grill them whole til they're cooked through and eat them with Romesco Sauce. It's good to keep in mind that unlike dried onions you get at the grocery store, you should store spring onions in the fridge and eat them as fresh as possible. You can eat them raw or cooked or pickled. If you're like me and you don't usually like eating raw onions because of the 'Dreaded Onion Mouth' then give these a try----they are the only kind of onion I like to eat raw. In fact, I've been known to simply slice up a spring onion, put it on bread with some mayo and parsley for an old-school onion sandwich.

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